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Wiener Schnitzel + Franciacorta Wine Tasting This week

It is Wiener Schnitzel Week at Jaynes from Tuesday through Saturday.   Our take on the Austrian National dish is made with tender, pounded and breaded Duroc pork, house made gruyere spaetzle with broccolini and fresh lemon.  This is our most popular special and is only served a few times a year! 

Straight from Houston Texas, Jeremy Parzen of will be joining us to taste through a lineup of top Franciacorta at Jaynes. Lombardy's Franciacorta has long been known as Italy's "Champagne" and Jeremy is out to remove the French reference completely and firmly plant this awesome wine in your mind and palate as the go-to Italian sparkling wine. Jeremy is one of the world's foremost Italian wine experts and it is a great to have him here with us. 

The tasting is this Saturday afternoon from 3-5 pm in our garden patio and is $20 including hors d'oeuvres.  For those planning to stay for dinner, reservations are recommended. 

We look forward to seeing you this week!
xoxo Jayne and Jon 

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