The Elusive Billecart

Jaynes's recently acquired a few cases of Billecart-Salmon Reserve Brut.  Jayne and Jon discovered this incredible champagne, by the glass no less, at Danny Meyer's Union Square Cafe in NYC. Billecart Salmon, pronounced 'Bee-A-Card Sa-Mon' is best known for its Rose, but we found their brut to be a great contender at half the price, a soft bodied and savoury treat. We were immediately determined to bring this to Jaynes.

Easier said than done. This champagne is extremely popular in NYC. Being a small house with a small production, the New York demand alone virtually eliminates any other US distribution. Without going into the sordid details, we were able to procure a few cases so that we could bask in the Billecart glory and share it with our friends here at Jaynes. Jayne's brother Paul announced his wedding engagement recently at the restaurant and what did we turn to for the celebration? Billecart!

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