Jayne's Build History Pictorial pt.1

This is where we started out back in January 2006.  The fella working with Jon is none other than Andrew Borger,  star drummer from Norah Jones "Feels Like Home Home" and Tom Waits " Mule Variations" albums.  Andrew and Jon played for years together in the bay area, on drums and bass respectively, and can be heard together on the Preston School of Industry CD "All the Sounds Gas" on Matador Records as well as the Moore Brothers "Colossal Small" and "On and Out". Andrew and Jon also worked construction together for many years up in the Bay Area. Thanks Andy for banging nails with us.  Perfect start to what would turn into a 9 month build.  click on the pics for a larger view

Creation Cafe circa January, 2006Kitchen

What we\'re we thinking? Bar Area

De-Construction begins Ventilating a Wall.


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