Jaynes Gastropub is now open Sundays!

We are now open Sundays at 5pm. Its been a great year with a luxurious 5 day work week and it is time to grow. We look forward to seeing everyone. Our patio is also now open. It is well heated and very cozy.  People often remark that it makes them feel like they are in Europe.  Roses, cypress, lemon, mint and jasmine with candles and twinkling cafe lights. It is also a more quiet alternative to the front of the restaurant. For those looking for private events or larger parties, this is a wonderful option.

Wine Highlights:

-Caprari Lambrusco Frizzante by the glass. Lambrusco is an italian red sparkling wine from Emilia. Reunite Lambrusco was popularized in the 70s as THE disco wine. ...Reunite on ice...so nice. The Caprari is an elegant offering of this light, easy drinking sparkler and is perfect for summer.

-Speaking of Sparkling we were recently allocated a case of 2000 Puro Movia from Slovenia through the handiwork of our friend and world class wine writer Jeremy Parzen. Puro Movia is a Rose Spumante made from 100% Pinot Noir. It is very unique because in the second fermentation the yeast and sediment is not disgorged, but left in the bottle. The winemaker claims that the lees impart a special flavor to the wine. This wine has a unique technique for decanting. It involved dunking the head of the bottle underwater at the time of opening and shooting the sediment out, underwater. Its a sort of wine 'flair' and creates some fireworks! We will be opening some of these bottles tonight with this technique and will have a few bottles available.

-Villemaine Sauvignon Blanc from Touraine in the Loire Valley. The Loire Valley is at France's forefront of organic farming and natural winemaking techniques. This is a wonderful example and is very reasonably priced. By the glass and bottle.

-Alban Viognier. For the winemakers that brought us the 'Reva' Syrah, Alban hands down creates some of the greatest wines in California

-Owen Roe. Outstanding cult Oregon wines. We have half bottles of the nearly extinct 'Kilmore' pinot noir and full bottles of 'Ex Umbris' Syrah

-Pahlmeyer Chardonnay Treat yourself...

-Gaja Promis Outstanding Super Tuscan from the Angelo Gaja's Ca Marcanda Estate in Bolgheri.


Artisanal Cheese plate. Select cheeses from around the world. Top shelf selections from our friends at Venissimo

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